We offer training in Leadership, Self-Defense, Marksmanship, and Personal Development lead by top women leaders from around the world.  Below are some of the most recent testimonials from women who have attend some of our courses.  Our next training program will be Fall 2019 held in Denver, CO.  Email us for more information.  

“I was afraid of guns and never felt confident  being around them, after attending the Women’s Warrior Summit I became confident and guns do not scare me anymore.”

Shelly ~

“Working with Jax at Tactical Divas™ was one of the coolest experience.  I was never a fan of guns.  Because of her and her teams training I now own my own and love going to the range.”

Mel O.

“The self-defense I learned from the team at Tactical Divas™ was by far the best training and most fun I have had in a long time.  I highly recommend the Tactical Divas™ team to anyone.”

Pattie S.

“I loved how the team at Tactical Divas™ brought self-defense, yoga and leadership together under one roof.  The women were awesome and I would attend another course in the future.”

Sarah S.